Handmade Fire’s unique hot sauce recipes use only FRESH chili peppers.  We are redefining hot sauce to showcase the uniqueness of each chili pepper variety. We pack as much flavor, fire and farm-fresh chili peppers as possible into every jar.  We use simple clean ingredients and have zero tolerance for anything fake or artificial. 

These sauces are my fire and only the best will do.



Sweet. Fiery. Tangy.  Made in small batches with simple, all-natural ingredients, Zesto Peno’s unique and complex mix of fire, flavor and farm-fresh peppers can be used as a sauce, marinade or a flavor booster to any recipe. Welcome to your new favorite food.  The possibilities, limitless.  The results, unexpected.



Jalapeno peppers are one of the most popular chili peppers in the world, loved for their supreme flavor and imbued with a level of heat that is not too scorching. The Jalapeno is one of the most commonly grown chilis in Mexico and probably the most common chili pepper in the U.S. The Jalapeno is very versatile and is used fresh, roasted, filled, as well as pickled. It can be diced and used in fresh salsas and pico de gallo or atop any dish where a little extra “heat” is desired. 


These mild, large and somewhat heart-shaped peppers originated in Puebla, Mexico.  Poblanos tend to have a mild flavor but occasionally, and unpredictably, they can have significant heat. Different peppers from the same plant have been reported to vary substantially in heat intensity. The ripened red poblano is significantly hotter and more flavorful than the less ripe, green poblano.


The habanero chili was disseminated by Spanish colonists to other areas of the world, to the point that 18th-century taxonomists mistook China for its place of origin and called it Capsicum chinense (“the Chinese pepper”). Today, the largest producer is the Yucatán Peninsula.  The outer wall of the habanero is relatively thin. The pepper is hot, but also has a nice fruit-like flavor and distinguishing flowery aroma. 


It looks like a jalapeño and even tastes like a jalapeño, but the Fresno pepper has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it a very popular chili in its own right. It delivers a slightly spicier kick, like a mild serrano chili, and in its mature red form, the Fresno pepper has a fruitier, smokier taste. The more complex flavors of the red Fresno compared to the jalapeño has made this a chili loved by foodies and gourmet restaurants. It’s a chili that’s ripe for culinary experimentation.


These chili peppers are botanically part of Capsicum annuum, also known as chile Seco. Its name Serrano translates to mean “from the mountains” and refers to the Sierra mountain region located in the Mexican states of Puebla and Hidalgo where the pepper originated. They can be red, brown, orange, or yellow, though you’re more likely to find them in their more common green color, much like a jalapeno pepper. They are considered to be one of the more flavorful hot peppers on the market in general, which is part of what makes them so popular.